• LEVEL 5 - Open Water
  • LEVEL 1 - Pool
  • Level 1 - Para-swimming



  • Grew up in Tennessee and followed Michelle to Ocean City from Santa Cruz, CA in 2006
  • Certifications & Affiliations: NOAA NWS Partner Ocean & Coastal Safety, Science and Conservation, Technical Director Red Bull Surf + Rescue, America Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 5 Open Water Coach, ASCA Level 1 Certified Coach,  ASCA Level 1 Disability Coach, US Lifeguard Association Professional Ocean Lifeguard, American College of Sports Medicine Professional Member, Former USA Swimming Age Group Coach, South Jersey Chief's Association Certified Ocean Lifeguard
  • In 2014 became only the 5th American in the event's 30 year history to complete the Coolangatta Gold Surf Life Saving Iron Man on Australia's Gold Coast. In 2016 became the only American in history to complete the Gold 3x and the only one to stand on a podium at the event earning a Silver in the Masters Division, and   VIEW THE VIDEO HERE
  • Began competing in triathlons in 1984 finishing his first Ironman distance race in 1985
  • Competed in ultra distance running events that included finishing the Vermont 100 mile endurance run in 1998
  • Came back to swimming while hobbling around on land and attempting to recover from a 100 mile run
  • Has completed numerous marathon swims including:  the 8.3 mile Pennock Island Challenge in Alaska, the 12 mile Trans Tahoe swim, a 22.5 mile length of Lake Tahoe Swim, the 10 mile Maui Channel, the 10K Santa Cruz Pier to Pier, the 22.5 mile Absecon Island swim, the first ever 19.6 mile swim around Ocean City and the 23 mile Lake George Marathon
  • Has learned that not finishing is not the same as failing from experiences in the English and Catalina Channels
  • Began coaching swimmers in 1989 and has worked with age group, high school, masters and adaptive programs
  • When not in the water, is involved in numerous projects and initiatives to educate people about the waters around us and encourage others to discover and pursue their passions in life.
  • Trains the ocean lifeguards on various beach patrols throughout the Mid-Atlantic
  • Is an Ocean Advocate and Endurance Waterman constantly creating new adventures and programs to connect others to the oceans we all share through his non-profit, Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive, Inc.
  • For more about Bruckner and his work as an Endurance Waterman and Ocean Advocate click HERE..


  • Grew up in Willingboro, NJ vacationing at the South Jersey shore
  • Has been a competitive swimmer since the age of 6
  • Swam for Rutgers University
  • Grew up around open water swimming with a father who pioneered marathon swims in California and a brother, Shawn, a well known open water swimmer and coach
  • Began surfing at the age of 38
  • Has done open water swims in Monterey Bay; San Francisco Bay; Ketchikan, Alaska and Folkestone, England
  • Has coordinated or directed the swims and support for all of Bruckner’s marathon swims
  • Holds a PhD from Penn in Social Welfare with a research focus on Mindfulness Meditation and Adolescent Brain Development.  Her work is a foundation for our non-profit youth programs.  See her presentation at the Endurance Sports Expo Here


We started the OC Swim Club to bring people to the waters we have come to love in South Jersey.  Our passion for the water has taken us from Amerika Samoa to England to Alaska and many bodies of water in between.  Through swimming, surfing and paddling we want to create opportunities for others to have a positive experience in the waters that we call home.  Our mission is to positively impact how we all feel, think and act towards the oceans we all share.  Whether you are training for a triathlon, learning to do a flip turn or attempting the English Channel we have a place for you.
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