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Frequently Asked Questions
  • NEW for 2018: Reservations not required for current Members.  FOR SUNDAYS ONLY - There are a limited number of drop in spots available and these must be purchased in advance through our Square Store HERE.  If spaces are still available Sun morning after pre-paid & members have signed in, swimmers may sign-in, pay and swim at the beach.  For Thursday sessions you may pay at the beach.
  • Membership cards are for that individual ONLY.  Guests are requested to either pay the single drop-in fee or purchase a membership.
  • Swims take place on the days and within the dates listed above. However we occasionally have to cancel a session due to weather, water or wildlife. We post updates via Twitter using #OCSC the night before and the morning of the swims to give those coming from further away as much notice as possible.  Schedule updates can also be found on our Facebook Page HERE
  • Conditions & Cancellations - The ocean and beach can create it's own micro-conditions that may or may not be safe.  We begin posting conditions the night before, the morning of (6:00 AM) and at the beach (7:00 AM) so you can plan your trip accordingly.  The posts show up on Twitter under the tag #OCSC and on our Facebook page.  The Twitter Feed can be found on the home page of
  • Water temperatures vary throughout the season from early season lows in the 50's to mid-season highs in the mid 70's.  Follow the ocean condition links to learn more.
  • Wetsuits are an individual preference.  
  • Participants MUST be 18 or over unless they are an active, certified member of one of our approved beach patrols.
  • Participants can swim as much or as little as they like.  There are coached workout options.
Sunday - 33rd St, Longport, NJ
Swim at Home Stronger Better Faster
Swim Course - 300m Triangle

May - September
Thursday - 6:30 - 7:30 AM, 34th Street on beach, Ocean City, NJ - LAST THURSDAY SESSION OF 2018 - AUG 16, 7:00 - 8:00 AM, 34TH STREET, OCEAN CITY
Sunday - 8:00 - 9:00 AM, 33rd St. Lifeguard HQ on beach, Longport, NJ - CONTINUING AT LEAST THROUGH 9/9/18
Course:  300 - 350 meter triangular course {Depending on conditions} roughly 100 meters off the beach with guards/coaches stationed on rescue boards, in the water and on the beach.  The OCSC is proud to be setting the standard for safe open water and ocean training, and we will always strive to create safe and positive experiences for all our participants.
Fees:  $20 Single Drop-in, Yearly memberships come with a 10-Session pass card.   Unlimited season passes are available.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP



Ocean Training Sessions

Thursday - 34th St, Ocean City, NJ